Monday, August 4, 2014

What Are Some Terms You Might Hear On The Race Track?

Here's a short selection of racetrack jargon:

Broke down or breakdown - a potentially career-ending injury (note this includes but is not limited to life threatening injuries - many racehorses break down and come back sound for less high pressure careers or for breeding).

Broke maiden or break maiden - won a race for the first time.

Across the board - a bet on the same horse to win, place, and show. A way of "hedging your bets".

All out - a horse running as fast as it is physically capable of without regard for tiring out.

Allowances - reductions in the weight a horse carried, for example if an inexperienced jockey is riding or when fillies race against colts (in general, male horses are faster).

Apprentice - an inexperienced jockey. Sometimes called a "bug."

Backside or backstretch - the stable and employee area at a racetrack. Backstretch also refers to the straight part of the track furthest from the stands.

Front stretch - the straight part of the track closest to the stands and the location of the start finish line.

Bearing in or out - deviating from straight, usually unintentionally (i.e., without signal from the jockey or because the horse is misunderstanding a signal).

Distaff - a female horse, especially when discussing breeding. For example, "He goes back to Lady Isabel on the distaff side."

Heavy track - a very wet track.

Juvenile - a two-year-old horse.

Pony - a horse used to lead a racehorse to the gate. (Not all countries use ponies).

Maiden - a horse or jockey who has not won a race.

Morning glory - a horse that performs better in training than in an actual race.

Bute - a common NSAID used as a painkiller in horses.

Rabbit or pacesetter - a horse entered into a race solely to set the early pace and improve the chances of a stablemater.

Rail - the barrier on either side of the track.

Scratch or scratched - remove from a race prior to the start.

Second dam - a horse's maternal grandmother. Grandam is usually used to refer to the dam of the horse's sire.

Claiming race - a race in which any entry can be purchased for a set price. These are the lowest level of officially recognized horse racing.

Sloppy - a track that has standing water on it.

Stall walker - a horse that frets or paces in its stall.

Trifecta - a wager in which the person picks the first three horses in exact order. Very tough to do.

There are lots more!

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