Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Do you ride a horse with a blanket over its back?

Thanks to the wonderful person who showed up to my presentation at RavenCon.

Normally, you ride with a saddle blanket, which provides some padding between the horse and the leather saddle.

On occasion, you might actually have a blanket or sheet over the back. These are called "quarter sheets" and are used when exercising or training a horse in cold weather, and not planning on working the animal hard enough to keep it warm.

Quarter sheets may also be used as equine "rain slickers" - horses generally get quite miserable if they get too wet.

You might also use a quarter sheet as part of a costume or uniform.

This police horse is wearing a quarter sheet with "Police" on it as part of his uniform. (Image source: Radomil via Wikimedia Commons).

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