Thursday, May 14, 2015

Is it mean to make horses jump?

Several of the activities we do with horses involve making them jump obstacles - in the arena as a sport or on the trail just because something's in our way.

So, is it mean or even cruel to make horses do it? Especially in an arena when, surely, a sane horse will go around an obstacle rather than over it?

The answer is actually: It depends on the horse.

Some horses hate jumping and will do anything to get out of it. Others love it and think it's a fun game to play. Needless to say, good jumping horses that compete at higher level shows generally love their job - because you'll never get them to that level if they don't.

In fact, some sport horse farms select horses by turning weanlings or yearlings out in a paddock with low jumps in it and picking the ones that try doing it on their own.

Image source: Ronald C. Yochum Jr. via Wikimedia Commons.

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