Friday, May 23, 2014

Do horses like beer?


Horses love beer. Also, thanks to their body mass and the way their gut works, they can't get drunk on it.

Even today in Ireland, half a bucket of stout is considered a healthy treat for a horse that's just put in a hard day's work (Beer, incidentally, is actually a surprisingly good thirst quencher). The famous racemare Zenyatta apparently agrees. She likes a pint of Guinness. And only Guinness - she won't drink anything else. Beer is also anecdotally good for horses that suffer from anhydrosis or other overheating issues.

In some cases the beer is mixed into a bran mash.

The one thing you do have to watch for - horses really, really like beer. Given half a chance, trust me, they'll really, really like your beer. Some horses even work out how to drink it from the bottle.

I wonder if they let the Budweiser Clydesdales sample the merchandise...

(I'll take the carrot, but got any cold ones?)

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