Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is a dandy brush?

Going to talk some more about the equipment we use to groom a horse.

You might hear somebody say around a barn that they're looking for their "dandy" brush. A dandy brush is a stiff-bristled brush that's used to get mud off. (Generally, with a really muddy horse you use a rubber curry first, then the dandy brush). It's used only on the body and neck of the horse, never on the head, legs, or belly - many horses are sensitive about having their tummies touched, especially near the boy or girl bits.

Most modern dandy brushes are made with synthetic bristles and a wooden or plastic back. Natural bristles are more expensive and don't last as long - some people are willing to pay the extra, but if you're at a lesson or string barn you'll probably only see the plastic kind.

The dandy brush is always used before the "body" brush, which I'll talk about tomorrow.

Natural and synthetic dandy brushes. Source: BLW via Wikimedia Commons. The grooves in the side of the handle are to improve the groomer's grip.

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