Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why do Quarter Horses have such weird names?

Look at Quarter Horse (or Paint or Appaloosa) show results and you will definitely see some weird names. Here's a few to conjure with - Watch Jo Peppy Bar, Shine O Roo, Maxies Bar Five, Gold Doc Johnny, Smokeys Regal Doc, Im Tuf N Happy.

Some also have normal names, and "Smart Fancy Cutter" speaks for itself...or does it?

Quarter Horses are traditionally given names that reflect their bloodline - which is why you see so many Docs, Skips, Freckles, Tufs, Peppys, Bars, and Hancocks. Some names may also bring in the dam's bloodline - Smart Miss Chilena includes "Smart" and "Lena," both bloodline names. Occasionally, names may also include the name of the breeder or the breeders' ranch, but if you look at a Quarter Horse's name as well as their sire and dam and know the breed, you can probably tell somebody what build, specialty and even color the horse is.

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